Welcome to my site! I create custom, hand-made rose petal rosaries. The origin of rose petal rosaries is steeped in legend. Some say the Carmelite nuns collected roses from their gardens and created beads which they turned into rosaries for prayer to earn money for their orders. Some say the idea for rosary beads made from rose petals started in the 1920s as an arts and craft form.  No matter the origins, rosaries made from rose petals are a unique and beautiful way to practice your faith.

I have been fortunate to grow roses and collect the petals from my garden. Over the years I’ve been making rosaries, I have received thousands of rose petals from the local community and from friends out of state! So each rosary contains petals hand-collected and sourced from known donators. The joy I feel in creating each unique rosary is a testament to my own faith, and my love of creating hand-made goods.

I hope you enjoy looking through the images on my site. These detail the process of bead making and rosary construction. If you wish to purchase a rose petal rosary, please reach out to me via the “Contact Me” tab on this site.

Have a blessed day!

Rose Marie